Friday, 21 July 2017

Natural pregnancy testing: dandelion root

I love the small golden nuggets of ancient health lore that yogic science brings us back in touch with... My go-to resource for this often forgotten knowledge is The Ancient Art of Self-Healing, taken from lectures, notes and classes by Yogi Bhajan, compiled and edited by Amir Arberman, D.C. (aka Siri Amir Singh Khalsa). You can buy it here. It contains such a vast treasure of information on countless different topics -- a must have in every household in my opinion.

Today I want to share one of these nuggets with you. It is one for women wanting to verify whether they are pregnant. Nowadays we have (more and less expensive) pregnancy tests, but what did women do in days when there weren't any pregnancy tests in drug stores, pharmacies and supermarkets available, or before they had access to testing done by their GPs? If you have been trying quite unsuccessfully to get pregnant, you might by now have spend a lot of money on these tests that you could have saved yourself spending... Plus you're creating ever more waste for mother earth to deal with, and all that plastic will be here for hundreds of years to come...

Well, enter the wonderfully versatile dandelion. I cook with its leaves, I blend its flower petals into my honey, I freeze its buds to be used stir-fries, and I use its roots for tinctures. But Yogi Bhajan pointed out how you can also use its roots as a pregnancy test: simply a dandelion root in a urine sample. If it turns purple, you are pregnant.

Should you need help with conception or information on pregnancy, I offer nutrition information & yoga sessions for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period too:

More health information from The Ancient Art of Self-Healing will be shared here in future.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Homemade products now also for sale (made upon order)

In the post that started off this blog I explained why I find it so important that Sikhs take a leading position in taking care of our environment, and that, as Sikhs, our choices on all levels should be inspired by our higher consciousness rather than us choosing to take the easy & often less conscious route. In my personal life, this has taken me to making nearly all of my own household & body care products. 

In this blog I have been sharing several of my recipes, but I kept getting asked if I couldn't just start making these products and offering them to others. And I have finally caved in to the pressure :)

I have decided to start offering a range of homemade products, to help you drastically reduce the amount of chemicals in your home and take better care of your own health and that of your family, while being conscious of the environmental impact of the products you use. By using these products, you are not only reducing your ecological footprint, you are also taking care not to disrupt your hormonal balance nor fill your body with toxins and chemicals.

All products are made upon order by dr. Japjeet Rajbir Kaur, certified aromatherapist.
All ingredients used are organic, and blended with essential oils.
No preservatives are used and each product is made upon order to guarantee longest possible lasting time.
The products contain added Vitamin E for skin health.
No soaps are used, only saponified oils (‘castile soaps’).

Please mention any allergies to me when ordering or whether you are pregnant. Also mention if you intend to use products on children (and their age), as extra caution needs to be taken re: essential oils & children.

I strongly promote reuse and sustainability. So if you reuse your bottle or container a next time or you bring your own, the price of the container will be fully deducted off the price!

Sikhs(') Nurturing Nature Price List : Please see our website

Aromatherapy blends

Aromatherapy blends can come in 10ml roller bottles, 10ml dripper bottles, 50ml dripper bottles or personal inhalers. Prices depend on the specific blend.

Many different health problems and imbalances can be addressed by aromatherapy. Possible blends I can make you include, but are not limited to: 

  • PMT/period-ease
  • PCOS blend
  • fertility-enhancer
  • menopause-ease
  • hot flashes blend
  • migraine-ease
  • headache-relief
  • thyroid-balance
  • relaxation-aid
  • sleep-easy
  • depression-lifter
  • beat the winter blues
  • anxiety-ease
  • fatigue-buster
  • adrenal-aid
  • anti-inflammatory blend
  • no ticks 
  • no bugs
  • anti-histamine blend (bug bite soother)
  • varicose-vein & spider vein blend
  • heavy legs
  • scar  & stretch mark healer
  • digestive-ease
  • arthritis-relief
  • tired-muscle relief
  • breathe-easy
  • sinus-relief
  • cough blend
  • cold, congestion & flu blend
  • stop smoking 
  • vertigo blend
  • pick-me-up (uplifting)
  • nausea blend
  • motion sickness blend
  • grief & sadness blend
  • focus & attention blend
  • toothache-ease
  • ...
I am also an Independent Consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies, so for any products that I don't make myself, you can buy through my NYR Organic webshop, or you contact me for products I have for sale at home (no delivery costs in that case).