Wednesday, 13 June 2018

To coffee or not to coffee?

I've been doing a lot of health consultations recently around female health and hormonal health (PCOS, endometriosis,uterine fibroids, fertility problems, ...) and the one thing that seems to shock women each time when they hear me say it, is the detrimental role of coffee on our hormonal system and fertility.

So, dear women (and men, because even men's coffee intake has a detrimental effect, see below): 
Caffeine is a catastrophe for your hormones! Tons of reputable studies link caffeine with impaired fertility and hormonal discord. Research e.g. shows that drinking 3 cups of coffee a day (consumed by either men or women!!) increases the risk of miscarriage by 74%. Coffee is considered equal to drinking alcohol and smoking in terms of impairing fertility. And coffee depletes the B vitamins that are so necessary for healthy ovulation and hormone balance. 

Caffeine also severely affects menopausal symptoms, and takes a very heavy toll on your nervous system, adrenal glands and kidneys (your body needs 5 liters of water to balance the kidneys again after one cup of coffee).

Worth it?

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