Friday, 27 April 2018

Full moon in Scorpio on April 30th 2018, affecting the kidney meridian

In just a few days, we'll encounter a full moon in Scorpio which will affect our kidney meridian and second chakra.

Scorpio is known to have a nasty sting, But the kidney energy in fact can be used to either soar like an eagle or indeed crawl like the scorpion. Balancing and strengthening the kidney meridian will enable us to do the former. A balanced second chakra and corresponding water element give us access to our creative energy. To uplift oneself and others is an expression of our creative spirit.
A blocked creative energy on the other hand can manifest as self-gratification and destruction. Emotions as fearfulness, anxiety, confusion, frustration and the need for perfection can rule, even a vengeful attitude is characteristic for a blocked second chakra and kidney meridian.

The kidney energy is also responsible for, amongst others, how we age, the quality of our bones, the process of pulling prana (life force) from the lungs, our hearing, and our motivation.

Our kidneys are easily damaged through overdoing life with thrills, stress, drugs and other stimulants like coffee, black tea, green tea, etc., so now would be an excellent time to reduce or eliminate these from you life. Do you know it takes between 5 to even 8 liters of water to rebalance the kidneys after just one cup of coffee or black tea??

You can read more about the kidneys from a Kundalini Yoga perspective on this page.

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Physical symptoms
•  Dizziness upon standing
•  Sweaty hands & feet
•  Bloating
•  Bone & ear problems
•  Cold in extremities
•  Muscle tightness in the low & mid back, diaphragm, or upper shoulders
•  Urinary or reproduction problems
•  Tinnitus
•  Puffy face

Things to eat & drink
•  Drink cucumber juice
•  Turmeric, added to meals, juiced or taken in Golden Milk
•  Eat black foods: eggplant (aubergine), beans, seaweed, licorice, black olives. Not black coffee or tea!
•  Eat naturally salty foods: olives, seaweed, ginger, cinnamon

•  Hold and massage the index finger of each hand for 2 minutes
•  Wear a silk or cotton cummerbund around the waist

Yoga for the kidneys
•  Camel pose (begin in celibate pose)

•  Baby pose

•  In butterfly pose, exhale the head down, inhale up.
•  Life nerve stretch


•  Chant - Chatr Chakra Varti (Last 4 lines of Jaap Sahib). Increase the effect by holding the left hand on the right knee and right hand and index finger up at shoulder level making small circles with the index finger.

Kriyas for the kidneys: