Tuesday, 27 February 2018

March 2, 2018 - Full Moon in Virgo, Affecting the Small Intestine Meridian

Let go and let God... That would be an excellent key phrase for this coming full moon.

And it greatly captures my experience in trying to get this blog written. 7 days ago I wrote a wonderful long explanation on the coming full moon affecting the small intestines - I spent over 3 hours on writing it. And as I tried to upload it, Blogger crashed - of course without having saved my work.   

As I'm teaching a massage training on Saturday and have been extremely busy getting ready for that, I didn't get a new chance to write the blog post again, so for this month I'm leaving you mainly with links to pages where you can find the information yourself! And of course this week we've started our work on the small intestines in our yoga classes in Leicester, so some of you have already heard me speak about the symptoms and how you can support yourself. 
But for anyone else: here goes.


The small intestine meridian runs its course over the face, through the neck, shoulder(blade) and arm into the hand and pinkie finger.


Great information can be found on this Spirit Voyage post and in this Dropbox link of breathislife.com .

Enjoy the ride of letting go of control!!